Chiropractic Services

Northern Pine Chiropractic Center offers a range of Chiropractic services for all parts of your body. We use ingeniously developed methods for treatment to help in spinal and joint manipulation. These processes are proven to help align your body and improve overall chiropractic flexibility. A licensed chiropractor at our center uses special techniques which enhance the range of movement and alleviate pain.

Moreover, it also reduces inflammation and treats any pinched nerves. With these professional services, we can take care of your muscle, joint, and bone pain. Some issues can be treated quickly, while others require repeated adjustments. Our essentials include soft-tissue therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, joint bracing, X-Rays, exercises, referrals, and more.

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Chiropractic Care

This treatment course covers diagnosis and complete treatment of all medical conditions associated with the musculoskeletal system. It involves the application of distinct methods involving safe joint manipulation.

DOT Physical

The Department of Transportation (DOT) Physical exam revolves around your ability as a driver to handle physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Through this certification, you qualify to operate a commercial motor vehicle.

Strep Testing

Our strep testing facility helps with rapid and early diagnosis of bacterial pharyngitis. With a distinct technology at hand, we handle strep testing needs with increased accuracy. Dr. Chris makes this process simple and painless.


Massage Therapy

At Northern Pine, massage therapy is either provided by hands or implemented with instruments. Schedule a massage by an expert therapist who specializes in managing health conditions.


Experience a complete course of physiotherapy sessions which help maintain your physical health and prognosis. This form of treatment is an old-age process of curing physical disorders.


We source high-quality X-Ray imaging reports with a single-point contact and result center. We maintain client records, have complete accuracy, and have one of the best X-ray results in Northern Minnesota.

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